In 2002 Johan Vrelink's Flevobike company introduced a third-generation velomobile, the Versatile. Now they are producing the fourth-gen Orca. Since my tenth year of cyclo-commuting was approaching (in June of 2005), I investigated bringing one of these sweet-looking vehicles to southern California for my commuting needs. In January, 2010, with the completion of the first leg of my North American Transect (Boston > Denver), my Versatile Nr 42 is in service as one of my regular transportation vehicles, and has numerous miles on it. My original Versatile "Number 20" attracted lots of attention wherever I traveled, and lots of questions when I parked it. Here's a link to the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) .

An album of pictures of both Versatiles.

    Frederik Van De Walle has some observations on the Versatile's unique construction as well a nice shot of the history of velomobiles and the state of industry in his Master's thesis The Velomobile as a Vehicle for more Sustainable Transportation.

Here's a link to my (outdated) North American Transect page.

For more information about what a velomobile is:

Velomobile USA is making Alleweder velomobiles in Texas!

The Human Power Institute [velomobile] mailing list.

Ethan Davis has created The North American Velomobilist Website.

In Canada, offers "Environmentally Friendly, Cost Effective, Sustainable Transportation for a Healthy Lifestyle" (and kayaks too!)

Organic Transit in Durham, NC has some interesting options, as you can see on
TechCrunch and listen to on The State of Things.

And one last, important link:
How to NOT get hit by cars. Everyone who cycles in traffic should read this, for sure.